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Concept Character

Jewelry Model: Onyx

Flower Model: Kuroyuri - Black Lily -

As a child, the girl was just an ordinary girl with very shiny black hair and a friendly smile.

The girl had a dream and always told her parents that one day she wanted to fly out and see the outside world on her own.

There are colorful flowers that can't be found here, and when you look up, you'll see a magnificent, clear blue sky.

The girl who had such a dream had her dream shattered by the sudden death of her parents.

Having been informed of the truth just before her mother's death , the girl's eyes and parts of her hair began to turn red , as if embodying a heart wounded by "sadness", "anger", and "hatred" .

One day, shortly afterwards, two angels broke the balance of this world, and all those who had been bound to this earth were freed.

Unfortunately, the girl's dream has now come true.

Although she had long ago given up on her dream of seeing the outside world, the girl was able to find a new dream.

The ``desire for revenge'' born from ``hatred'' gave the girl a reason to live, and she spread her wings out into the outside world on large black wings that blocked out the sunlight.

The only thing that can save her is for her to be engulfed in an even greater darkness , or for a "light" strong enough to disperse her darkness as well.

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