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Angeli Lily

This is a story of lies and truth

One girl is born with status, fame and talent, and another girl is born without parents or even memories of her childhood.

A tale spun by two people who will never meet

A story of bonds -

Ang Eliry   Designer

Heroine design

Azuki Nei


Logo design

Frill Buntline


PV design




A girl who doesn't know her mother, doesn't know her father, and doesn't even have her own childhood memories...
She lives a quiet, self-sufficient life with her grandmother on the fringes of the Celestial World.

One day, he finds an angel girl collapsed in the forest.
The unconscious girl appeared to have injured her wing.
Luna approaches her to try to treat her, but the girl wakes up and, seeing her shabby appearance, calls her a "devil" and throws a stone at her.
Luna's clothes and wings were often dirty, and she herself began to wonder if she was actually a demon.
Although blood was streaming from her forehead from the stone that had been thrown at her, she held back her tears and hurried home.

A few days later, he meets the angelic girl again in the forest.
She was a different girl than before, but she forcefully held back Luna as she tried to flee the scene.
The girl's red eyes were staring straight into Luna's.

Flower model: Gypsophila

(Baby's Breath)

Jewelry model: Royal Blue Moonstone

Birthday: June 1

Height: 154cm

  • @Luna_Nadeshiro
  • 撫白ルナ / Luna Nadeshiro Ch.

Flower model: Moonflower

(Dutchman's pipe cactus)

Jewelry Model: Rhodochrosite

Birthday: July 19th

Height: 156cm

  • @Yuo_Tsukuyomi
  • 月夜見ユヲ / Yuo Tsukuyomi Ch.

A girl born into the most noble family in heaven...
Born into a family blessed with fame, status, wealth, and talent, she earned the respect of those around her for her excellent grades at Angel School and her dignified demeanor.

However, even Yuwo had his own worries...
Yuwo, who is expected to live up to the expectations of his family, friends, and society at large, is beginning to feel he has reached his limits in continuing to act as the person those around him want him to be.
Due to the "expectations" of those around me, I had become a doll customized into a shape I didn't want...
Still, if that's what those around him wanted him to be, then Yuwo was satisfied.
While telling myself every day, "This is who I really am"

One day, a friend comes to him for advice, saying that he saw a demon in a remote area.
He and a few friends headed to the location where he had been spotted, but there they met a shabby-looking girl with only one wing on her back.
However, unlike his own wings, these were pure white right down to the base, and extremely beautiful.

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