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Currently recruiting players

Audition Final Exam

Live practical training: Recruiting listeners

We are looking for listeners who can watch and cooperate with us during the live practical exam for the final audition exam.

We will announce the distribution schedule as soon as it is decided.

Please join us if it fits your schedule.

To participate, please go to the "SECRET PAGE" below.

Please apply using the dedicated form.

〖Participation conditions and contents〗

  • Held on the official Discord server

  • *Only those with the secret code can participate

  • Any comments that are deemed inappropriate, such as criticism, orders, slander, violation of privacy, or comments that go against public order and morals, will be kicked out of the server.

  • This will be a self-introduction broadcast, so please behave in the same way as usual.

  • We may ask each listener about their thoughts, etc.


Secret password 12 digits

Please enter without "-".

Please do not mistake the upper and lower case letters.


Please enter the 12 digits of your secret card.

Please enter only numbers without hyphens.

Please be careful not to mix up upper and lower case letters.

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