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Second Audition

※Please note the volume

Heroines aren't just glamorous

Fighting against a painful past and sad reality

But still, the girls who shine

She's much more beautiful than anyone else.

Chapter 2 V Heroine Audition

Application period: 2024

① April 7th to April 30th

② May 1st to May 15th

This is a corporate office aimed at small group activities.

Because we care about each and every person

If you do not meet the requirements, you may not be hired.

The path each person walks is a story

You are the heroine of the story

Because it's a difficult world to live in

Not subject to the modern concept of Vtuber (Virtual Idol)

I'm looking for a heroine who can do things her own way.

Application requirements

Those who are not bound by the concept of Vtuber

Those who can value their own individuality

Those who don't lie to themselves and don't lie

Those who are confident that they can enjoy the activities more than anyone else

Application Requirements

  • Those who can continue their activities for a long period of time

  • Those who can live stream at least three times a week

  • Those who can follow the rules and participate in activities

  • Someone who can communicate

  • No age restrictions

  • Even those with no experience can get started

  • Tell us about the world you envision.

Recruitment Benefits

Free provision of Live2D models

Providing materials necessary for activities free of charge

Provision of missing equipment as needed

Practical training (singing, broadcasting knowledge, etc.)

Audition process

  1. Document screening

  2. One-on-one online interview

  3. Practical exam

※2 will be an on-camera interview to verify your identity

*3 will have a limited live practical exam on the official Discord.

*The content may change depending on the progress and the applicant's suitability, and additional interviews and tests may be required.

Be sure to answer questions during the interview

  1. Why did you choose to work for a company instead of as an individual ?

  2. What kind of character do you want to have in your activities?

  3. What do you want to convey to your fans through your activities?

  4. What do you keep in mind and value in your activities?

  5. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  • Can minors apply?
    Is possible. Minors will need to have parental consent when signing a contract.
  • Can I audition even if I belong to another agency?
    It is possible to audition, but once you pass you will not be able to join multiple companies. Those who are currently active can also audition, but please be aware that there may be problems depending on the terms of your contract with the other agency. If you pass the audition, you will become an exclusive member of our agency, so you will need to terminate your contract with your current agency before signing a contract with us. Please be aware that we cannot assist with issues that arise at other offices, so please check carefully before contacting us.
  • If I am hired, will I be able to work on other jobs or activities at the same time?
    It is possible to hold multiple positions depending on the nature of the activities. The act of streaming using illustrations as a model (Vtuber, Vliver, etc.) is prohibited as it overlaps with the activities of our agency and there is a risk that it may be difficult to concentrate on activities. We will check with you at the interview, so if you have any concerns, please let us know at that time.
  • Are there any benefits to being part of a company?
    The benefits of being part of a company are as follows: This is merely our opinion, so thank you for your understanding. 【merit】 ① Companies can intervene to protect you from trouble and danger. ・By acting as an intermediary, the company prevents the leakage of personal information to customers, companies, and creators. ・Prevent financial and copyright disputes with customers, companies, and creators. ② By reducing miscellaneous tasks, you can create an environment where you can concentrate on your activities. ・ Significantly reduce the burden of accounting, bookkeeping, and clerical work ・ We can take care of arranging and managing goods, fan clubs, etc. 3. There are connections between companies, and it is possible to produce original songs, special goods, and solo concerts. ・ Corporate projects and product collaborations, etc. ・ You can create original songs and produce high-quality goods that would be difficult for an individual to create. ・ We cover the initial costs and production costs, so you can work on new projects with peace of mind. I believe the most important thing is to create an environment where we can focus on our activities and interact with our fans. Unfortunately, please understand that how big a presence you can become depends entirely on your own efforts.
  • Is it okay to apply just to try out the activities?
    We will not accept applications from those who are unable to undertake a trial or regular delivery. Because there is a risk of damaging the motivation of the other heroines and the overall image of the company, we will limit participation to those who are serious about participating in the activity. We look forward to welcoming those who are looking to reach greater heights with a view to long-term activities.
  • I am a complete beginner and have no equipment. Can I still apply?
    There is no problem under some conditions. While it is difficult to provide perfect equipment, we can lend you equipment that will enable minimum broadcasting. We will provide you with knowledge and information, but it is very important that you gather information yourself. Depending on how hard you work, you may be able to receive professional training and special equipment. We will do our best to provide the most comprehensive support to companies depending on the scale of their activities.
  • Are there any quotas?
    There are no quotas imposed by the agency. We strive to create an environment where students can be as active as possible. However, since it all depends on your own efforts, we recommend that you set your own quotas and work towards them. I hope we can work hard together so that we can all enjoy activities without overexerting ourselves.
  • I live outside of Japan. Can I apply?
    Sorry, we are only accepting applications from people who reside in Japan. We do not currently have an overseas division, and due to the difficulties involved with tax and accounting procedures, we are unable to accept applications from people residing outside of Japan. As long as you are a resident of Japan, your nationality does not matter.
  • I have a question, what should I do?
    If you are considering applying for an audition and have any questions, please contact us via " Contact . " We also welcome any questions you may have during the audition, on Discord or during the interview.


Heroine's Trail

Heroines born from the Little Flower Project


The two angels learned the truth of the world

The reality depicted by lies and deceit

Eventually, it is shattered by the feelings of the girls.

The two angels who learned the truth

I came down to earth to change the world

What is true misfortune?

Without knowing the truth, just walking along the made path

The two angels face the new world and begin to walk

SteLLA has already graduated


Heal all injuries and illnesses

Fairies that bring happiness

The fairies that appear in such fairy tales

They were twin sisters who were always cheerful and kindhearted.

One day, the twin fairies lose their lives due to human greed.

Even so, the twin fairies do not hate people.

I never forgot my compassion until the very end.

The people were inspired by his grandiose attitude.

Let's never forget the twin fairies

It was passed down as a story for a long time.

About the application


  1. It may take 2-3 days to respond

  2. Please refrain from making inquiries unrelated to the audition.

  3. If you fail to submit the required documents, we may determine that you do not meet the requirements.

  4. When successful candidates enter into a contract with our office, they will be required to submit identification documents.

  5. Please do not disclose anything about the audition details.

  6. If you wish to withdraw after applying, please contact us.

About self-promotion

Please attach an audio file introducing yourself as part of your self-promotion .

I would be happy if you could think of this as a self-promotion session similar to that of a general interview .

Application page

Please be sure to read the "About Application" on the left before applying.



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